Christi Beth's Journey from Employee to Operating Partner to Franchise Owner


Our unique Operating Partner Program was designed to put people who would make great franchisees, but don't have the resources to do it themselves on a pathway to ownership. We reward hard work and dedication with equity. This allows you to purchase the store and become a franchisee. Nowhere else in the industry does an opportunity like this exist.

We are looking for people:

  • With leadership qualities 
  • Who love to engage with people and help them achieve their fitness goals 
  • Who have a deep ambition to own their own business

What are the requirements going in? 

  • Mobility: You may be asked to move more than once. 
  • Flexibility: We can't tell you exactly how long the journey will take or where it will take you. 
  • Retail Experience: Retail experience is a must. You don't need to have worked at a Fleet Feet Sports store but it does help as our first choice is to work with existing Fleet Feet Sports employees. 
  • If you are genuinely interested in this program and still need to gain retail experience, a job in one of our stores will help you in the process.


The success of every Fleet Feet Sports store is a direct result of our owners and operators who educate their customers and become health and fitness resources for their communities. Here are the steps involved:

1. INQUIRE—A Fleet Feet, Inc. employee will then contact you to schedule a call to talk you through the process and answer questions.

2. ATTEND DISCOVERY DAYS—Attend an open house at the Fleet Feet, Inc. office in North Carolina called Discovery Days. Here you will learn details about the program and meet our staff. This will help you and us determine if this program is a good FIT for you.

3. TRAIN AND DEVELOP—During this time you will train in all of the areas where you need additional development.

4. BECOME A GENERAL MANAGER—Your next step is into the role of a General Manager in your own store. To reach this step, employees are ranked by their preparedness and geographic flexibility. Our goal is to place you in your store within 18 months of attending Discovery Days. We do our best to match you with a market you'll love but candidates also need to be flexible. You will hold the role of GM for at least one year and train on every aspect of operating a store.

5. BECOME AN OPERATING PARTNER—After serving as GM for at least one year and demonstrating the ability to operate the store, the GM is given the opportunity to become an Operating Partner.

6. BECOME A FRANCHISE OWNER —You will have the opportunity to purchase the store after serving for four years as the Operating Partner. The amount you have grown the store above the expected growth rate is equity that you've earned. For example, let's say the agreed upon sales price is $100,000 but you've grown the store and it's now worth $300,000. You still only pay $100,000 so the extra $200,000 is the equity you've earned. This program allows you to become the owner of your own store and part of a national brand. Come join franchisees who have made their passion their career. We'll be with you every step of the way.


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