Rod Bien wins the 2011 Cascade Crest 100 Mile


Rod Bien wins 2011 Cascade Crest 100 Miler

Most people are working towards their first 5K, 10K or even marathon.  If someone asked you to run 100 miles what would your response be?  The Fleet Feet Sports family is proud to announce that Rod Bien, owner of Fleet Feet Sports Bend, OR, has not only won but set the record for a 100 mile race.  The 2011 Cascade Crest 100 Miler located in Seattle, WA was completed by Rod in 18 hours: 27 minutes: 52 seconds.  He was able to run, walk, jog, and take pictures with cows, 3 minutes and 18 seconds faster than the last record holder!  On Saturday, August 27th most of us were helping our children with their first homework assignments, or grocery shopping for the week.  Others were running their long Saturday training run for the 1/2 or full marathon coming up in late October or early November.  But very few of us were rounding the turn on our 12th 100 mile race. 

 What is your favorite off the wall choice at the food stops that most people would find odd?
Bacon late in the race hits the spot!!
Do you have a favorite song to sing to yourself?
No.  When I'm racing, I'm pretty much concentrating on my breath and listening for the competition so they don't sneak up on me!!
When you feel like giving up what do you think about to get you through the run?
This is funny but a lot of time I think about all the money I have spent!  Hotels, gas, gels... money is a good motivator.  I also think about my family.  They have sacrificed a lot to let me train as much as I need to remain competitive.  I feel like it is my responsisbility to pull on the "big boy pants" and race as hard as I can.
Who inspired you to run your first ultra?
My dad was an amazing ultramarathon runner and Navy Seal who ran the entire Appalachain Trail and the California Costal trail.  I pretty much devote all of my running to his honor.
Other than a cow, what was the strangest animal you have seen out on a race?
Gosh, nothing too crazy, believe it or not.  Rattlesnakes, elk, and bighorn sheep are probably the coolest I have seen while in a race.
Have you ever had a run in with a snake?
Several.  One time at Western States 100 I jumped right over a huge  one.  I remember wishing it would just bite me and take me out of my misery.
What shoes did you run the race in?
The Adidas Adios.
Any products you would like to plug in this article?
I run in Patagonia clothing and I think they make the best stuff on the market.  It is lightweight, breathable, with a slim fit.  I also use Carbo Pro for nutrition.  However, with nutrition, you just have to find what works for you as everyone is different.
I am writing this article so it is entertaining for the average person who does not understand why anyone would ever want to run that far.  Do you have any words of wisdom for those thinking about getting into the sport of ultras?
To me, life is pretty easy.  Cars, computers, tv's, and so many conveniences.  I think of myself as a bit of a throwback.  I wish I could have lived in the "Lewis and Clark" era.  I love a challenge where there are no guarantees.  I know that I will always make it to the finish line of a marathon.  With a 100 miler, there are no guarantees and I find that very stimulating and exciting.
Thank you Rod and Congratulations on your sick win.  I hope you are enjoying your 3 minute and 18 second record crushing time.  We are all so proud of you!