You have heard the expression “When Pigs Fly” right? We really thought that would happen before my wife Tina and I found ourselves owners of Fleet Feet Aptos. Amazing things happen when you follow your passion. Participating in and promoting a lifestyle of fitness, health and fun in a community atmosphere is our passion. Over 6 years ago, I weighed about 330 pounds, smoked two packs a day, and was a heart attack waiting to happen. We decided to lose weight, I quit smoking and we signed up for Fleet Feet Training programs in Sacramento; this changed the course of our lives. Overweight, out of shape, sedentary and stressed with high pressure careers, we were absolutely stunned and delighted to experience that, even we, had an inner athlete just waiting to be unleashed. And unleash it we did! A proud “front of the back of the pack-er”, Tina’s love is running marathon and 50K distances on the trails, and through coaching, inspiring others to enjoy the journey and accomplish goals they did not think possible. Our oldest son, Jake, a high school varsity athlete in Cross Country, Water polo, and Swimming, is an accomplished local Triathlete and is looking to add Olympic distance and Iron distance to his races this year. Ben, our youngest, participates in his elementary school running club, gave Water polo a try this year, competes in local triathlons, and is particularly proud to have his very own road bike. I participate in half marathons and marathon distance events, love trail events, but I especially enjoy triathlons. In addition to putting in long hours in the store, I will be spending some long hours on the bike, running, and swimming as I prepare for Ironman Coeur’d Alene, Idaho in June. Saying that is the part that makes me look up toward the sky for pink things that might be flying overhead. We have been moved by Fleet Feet Sports to “move for life and health and strength”. Fleet Feet Aptos is not just a shoe store. It is a place to come and get inspired to move beyond where you may be now. Our promise is to make the experience at Fleet Feet Aptos a “Wow” experience, kind of like when pigs fly. Come see us and be part of the movement.