I’m not going to lie to you….. We’re runners. That’s the reason we opened Fleet Feet. I’m very sure I could have concocted a better way to make money than to open a walking/running store. This isn’t and never will be about the money. It's about sharing our passion with you. Whether that is getting you off the couch and motivating you to start a walking program, training you to participate in your first race, or giving you the strategies and assistance to break a personal record, that is what excites us!
It was suggested to me in opening the store that I needed to be careful since I am such an avid runner and it might intimidate the “casual” walker, runner, or person that does neither. I would argue quite the contrary! When you enter our store, you will be able to feel our passion for customer service, fitness, and your feet. We hope that you will give us the chance to fit your feet for your activities and that we can inspire you to whatever level of fitness you want to obtain!

We’ll strive to find the perfect pair of shoes for you, allow you to dream big, and we just want to come along for the ride!


Rod Bien and Katie Bien, owners
  Rod and Katie Bien moved to beautiful Bend in 1998 and still love everything it has to offer. Rod began running when he moved to Bend and never stopped! He has run over 40 ultra marathon races (races that range from 31 to 100 miles) and has won The Peterson Ridge Rumble 60K and The Mt. Hood 50 Mile Race. Rod and Katie also own Patagonia by Pandora’s Backpack in downtown Bend. Katie ran several marathons in the past but now runs casually and keeps herself busy with their three young children.

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