Clay and Karen Scarborough, Owners

Residents of Decatur, Clay and Karen have always wanted to own their own business, and owning one within walking distance of their home was even better. Fleet Feet Sports was the perfect choice for Clay and Karen, long-time fans of Fleet Feet and recreational runners and walkers. An avid jogger, Clay has participated in numerous races (most recently he ran with his daughter in the Walt Disney Marathon, where they helped each other make it across the finish line), while Karen is a dedicated walker, hoping to participate in her first half marathon later this year.

Graduates of Duke University, Clay has worked for 20-plus years in finance and Karen still puts her nursing degree to excellent use as an operating room nurse at Emory Hospital. They are the proud parents of Kim, Bryan and Sarah. When they’re not working, you can find Clay and Karen out and about in Decatur, enjoying a cold beverage, or cheering on their Duke Blue Devils.

Kim Scarborough, Store & Marketing Manager

Joining the family business was a no-brainer for Kim, who runs for fun, loves retail (ask VISA) and lives in Decatur. Her dad’s running partner, Kim began running three years ago and hasn't stopped since. She believes that comfortable shoes and a cute outfit can make the “runners’ high” even more enjoyable.

Kim graduated with a communications degree from UCLA, where she swam on the varsity women’s swim team. Prior to joining Fleet Feet, Kim worked at one of the premier independent public relations firms in Atlanta. When she’s not working or hanging around Decatur, she is often swimming with her master’s club team, going to the theater or movies, or planning her next trip to Europe.

Lucy, FIT-er in Training

Born on Nov. 5, 2008, Lucy is our delightful store mascot, and will readily help you untie your shoelaces. In fact, our Yorkie plans to start our FIT training in the next few months. She loves to eat dustbunnies and leaves, take long walks, and patrol the perimeter. Watch out - she loves to kiss all our customers!

"Being the top dog at Fleet Feet is great," Lucy says. "Their no-shoe-chewing policy is a bit of a bummer (especially since they have so many!). But don't worry - I'm sure I can get them to come around!"