John Fabbro, Owner

How did a guy who played football in high school and college, and worked in the chemical industry end up as a dedicated runner and owner of Fleet Feet Sports Montclair? A cross-country bike trip with his best friend Jeff was the catalyst for the big change, as John appreciated his friend’s endurance and overall strength during the long ride.  Jeff’s secret weapon: running.   And thus, John became a runner. Needing a further profession change, John  and his wife, Dawn, were inspired by the first East Coast Fleet Feet in Washington, DC. They took a huge step and opened the second one in November 1987. In the 22 years of his store ownership, John knows every customer, every foot, every shoe, every quirk, every item in the store, every trend, every customer need. His patience is legendary, his customer service is stellar, he loves the New York Marathon (14 times!) and he’s never met a number he didn’t like or couldn’t remember.