Robin and Walt Dambkowski:

We have owned and operated Fleet Feet Sports Monterey since April 1, 2006.  The store has been in the area since January 2000.  First on Lighthouse in New Monterey for 2 years and in its current location since early 2002.  We have 2 grown boys who come and visit as often as they are able and who usually end up re-arranging the store most times.  That's OK with us as fresh eyes are always nice.  Walt was a computer programmer for about 20 years and Robin was a school clerk at a middle school (and before that a nurse) prior to our latest gig here in Monterey.  Actually Walt got laid off and Robin had just about enough 'clerking' so we took the plunge into self-employment.  And we love it.  Robin is a walker/jogger and has completed numerous 5 and 10K's and a few half-marathons.  Walt has been a cyclist all of his life, started running about 10 years ago and took up triathlons 8 years ago.  Walt has run 5 and 10K's, a few half-marathons and one marathon and has participated in sprint, olympic and half-ironman distance triathlons.  We can be seen most mornings out on the rec trail walking, running or cycling and sometimes swimming (Walt, not Robin) off Lover's Point.