Brian & Andrea Morrison, Owner

We are the proud parents of Fleet Feet Sports Seattle, in addition to our little ones Jack and Amalia.  Read our story about how we met, what inspired us to first run, and how we became the proud parents of our very own running and walking store. And to round out all of the Seattle University love below, Brian is a grad from Western Washington University and Andrea is a graduate of the University of Washington.


Spending most of my life in the small community of North Lakewood, Washington, I believed long-distance runners to be crazy; then I became this crazy by joining my high school cross country/track team as a sophomore. From there, my passion for the sport has only grown, blossoming into its current full-blown love, with a racing focus expanding from 5K runs, to now encompass longer distances. I am lucky to have the opportunity to work at Fleet Feet, a place where I can gain running-related knowledge, while simultaneously sharing my enthusiasm for fitness with others. I also presently spend my days finishing up a B.S. in General Biology at the University of Washington. In any available free time, I pursue a healthy lifestyle with family and friends: cooking, playing tennis, games, experiencing Seattle, and supporting the Seattle Sounders!


I am a native of the northwest and was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon. I moved to Seattle five years ago to attend college and continue running at the collegiate level. My running career began competing at all-comers meets as a kid, and I have loved the sport ever since. I competitively started running track and cross country in middle school, which continued on through high school and college. Running has become such integral part of my life that I can never see myself losing the passion for it. I plan on competing in marathons and half-marathons in the future. Becoming part of Fleet Feet and working with people that share the same love for running and helping others will be a great experience. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and passion for running with others.


I'm from Eugene, Oregon and have been running competitively for 11 years. I started in middle school and continued into high school, where my times were fortunately good enough to join the cross country and track and field teams at Seattle University. I was an 800m/1500m runner in college and am now trying to transition into the longer races such as 10ks and half marathons. I have learned so much from running and have developed a passion for it that I want to share it with others. I graduated from Seattle University in June 2012 with a degree in Biology and aspire to work with wildlife through habitat conservation. I am excited to be a part of the Fleet Feet family and to grow with the store and the community around us!


I’ve come to terms with the fact that I may be slightly obsessed with running.It might have something to do with the flood of endorphins or possibly the glorious “recovery” snacks (my latest invention: sweet potato smothered in almond butter and goat cheese. Ok, that sounds weird. Well, it is weird…) My love for running is also wrapped up in my love for the Seattle running community, including my beloved friends of the Columbia City Run Club. Ever since I spent time near Crystal Mountain for Cross Country training camp with Seattle U (holla to my lovely coaches Trisha & Uli), I am always seeking out trails. On the trail I feel at home, where paces are irrelevant and a sense of adventure is required. I know, I know: trails are totally hot right now. Hey, not all trends are bad! I’m also a social worker at a local senior center, where I’m constantly impressed by the strength and courage of the elderly in our community. Health and wellness is a community issue, and I hope to make in impact by helping ALL people meet their fitness goals.


I grew up in a military family grew up predominately in Boulder, Colorado and Arlington, Washington. I started running my senior year in high school and ran at Carroll College in Helena, Montana. After transferring to Seattle University my junior year I joined the team there and am finishing up the rest of my NCAA eligibility there.  I am a total running nerd, and very excited to work with others who are passionate about health and fitness. I plan to continue my education and receive a master of education in school counseling.  Till then, living in Seattle, soaking up the rain, and enjoying all the opportunities the Pacific Northwest has to offer.