Virginia Beach

Located between Independence Blvd. and Rosemont Road behind Chili's.

Robin -- Owner

Hometown: Norfolk, VA

Where did you go to middle school?: "There weren't middle school when I was growing was the Indian River Junior High School"

Where did you go to highschool? "I went to Indian River High School.  While I was in college at VCU I student taught at Western Branch."

Favorite Apparel Item: "I don't have one.  Do you realize that men landed on the moon before they made a sports bra for women!?  I am just so happy that we have great technical apparel and sports bras to provide to our customers."

What made you want to open a Fleet Feet Sports store?: I have a joy in being present when someone reaches a goal or achieves success.  Fleet Feet Sports helps individuals reach their goals and this still inspires me after owning a store for over six years.  This is one of the few jobs where you can see the result directly related to what you do.  

I like when customers come back and they are so excited to share their experiences.  

Sadie -- FIT Specialist & Training Program Coach

Hometown: Middle of nowhere Michigan. 

Favorite Place to Run: First Landing State Park

Why Run? Because I’m completely uncoordinated at anything else

Favorite Apparel Item: Asics Thermopolis. 

Favorite Shoe: I used to have an answer for this. At that point, life was so much simpler. Now, I work at Fleet Feet and have a closet filled with running shoes.

Favorite Post-Race Meal: I only eat vegetables. And ice cream. 

One Accessory I Can't Run Without: My Earbuds!  Headphones, hurt my ears.

Current Goal: Start running regularly again like I did for 16 years before I started working here

Educational Background: CMU. A Flying Chip in Education – English specifically. Yes, I will correct your grammar.
Years Experience in Running/Activity: Since I was knee high to a bee’s eye.

Favorite Race: Grand Island Marathon. Or Great Lakes Relay. I’ll talk about them nonstop if you’d like. 

Jill -- Fit Specialist

Hometown: somewhere near Chicago… but you can just say I’m from the West Side
Favorite Place to Run: at the oceanfront when there is free parking and a lot of sun!
Why Run? Cause I retired from gymnastics but still like Mike & Ikes, duh.
Favorite Apparel Item: lock laces. I hate tight shoes. HATE.
Favorite Shoe: Brooks Adrenaline is pretty much the only shoe that matters.
Favorite Post-Race Meal: Chicken. Or Ice Cream. Or anything really, just no seafood please.
One Accessory I Can't Run Without: My running hat. I don’t want a sunburn.
Current Goal: My first marathon..!

Educational Background: I was a gymnast at Kent State… I mean, Business Management :-P
Years Experience in Running/Activity: 3

Favorite Race: Muddy Buddy or Monster Dash Half in Chi-town cause I got to be a ballerina. 

Kevin -- Fit Specialist

Hometown: Born in San Diego
Favorite Place to Run: Mount Trashmore, loops, over and over and over…
Why Run? I have an odd desire to just run forever

Favorite Apparel Item: any shirt that’s wicking
Favorite Shoe: Glycerin
Favorite Post-Race Meal: Pizza and Sangria, or just beer and lots of it
One Accessory I Can't Run Without: My Team Hybrid hat or my camel back because I need lots of water
Current Goal: run an insane amount of 50s and marathons in a row, have surgery, bounce back for a 100 miler. 
Educational Background: Navy
Years Experience in Running/Activity: 1.5 years

Favorite Race: Any race. I just love races.