Anti-Chaffing Products

Whether you have just started running or have decided to try a longer distance, this is one product you can not live without.  Unless you are a stick thin supermodel that searches in the size 0 section (you lucky stinker) or a man without nipples, you will have a need for these products at some point.  There is nothing worse than being three miles from home with thighs that are on fire.  
Body Glide - Anti Chafing StickAnti Monkey ButtLady anti Monkey Butt
Common places to chaff include:

  • Under your arms
  • Under your sports bra band (if this is happening you are wearing the wrong size bra)
  • Between your Thighs
  • Men's nipples 
  • Ankle and foot chaffing (make sure you are wearing a good quality technical sock)