Earbuds That Don't Fall Out

EAR PHONES - THAT DON'T FALL OUT (or hurt your ears)

 You start running and once your ears get sweaty your ear buds start to slip.  Or worse, you have small ears and the ear buds are painful to wear for longer than 15 minutes.  The Yurbuds earbud covers are made in varying sizes to fit everyone's ear.  The team at Yurbuds also re-engineered their earbuds to make sure they are small enough to comfortably fit in the smallest of ears.  Always be safe when wearing earphones.  Keep the volume low so you can enjoy your music and also hear the cars & bikes around you.


How to wash?
Remove the silicone enhancer from the yurbuds Sport Earphones.  Wash thoroughly with warm, soapy water.  Place the enhancer back on the yurbuds Sport earphone and enjoy.  If you have any problems putting the enhancers back on, please reference yurbuds.com/inspire-twistlock