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Making a Comeback

What do you do when your running life is stalled? Try not to panic. The gains in mileage, fitness, and confidence that you worked so hard to make won't vanish right away. There is plenty that you can do while you're sidelined to preserve your sanity and your strength, and bounce back strong.

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Add Variety and Purpose To Your Run

If you always go out at the same easy pace and cover the same distance all the time without really challenging yourself, you can hit a fitness, weight, and place plateau. Ultimately, if you don't challenge yourself by ratcheting up the pace or the distance, you're bound to feel like you're stuck in a rut. One way to avoid a rut—and boost your fitness— is to give each work out a purpose.

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Hydration Help

Fluids are such an important part of your running life. Water supports all the major body processes—from regulating your body temperature to flushing waste products out of your system. Here are some tips for staying hydrated this summer.

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Stop Stress from Derailing Your Run

Bottom line: stress can keep you from achieving your weight-loss and racing goals. Some of that impact is driven by behavior; some of it boils down to biochemistry. Here's what you need to know to keep stress from impacting your running life.

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Recover Right

If you've been running for a while you know; if you want to get stronger, faster, and fitter, your body needs lots of time and TLC to adapt to new stresses and get recover. What you do in the hours right after run has just as big of an impact on your fitness and overall health as the time you put in on the road. Take these steps to bounce back strong.

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Brant Wansley

"There's a wonderful satisfaction in mentoring," said Wansley. "Many of my mentees have gone on to accomplish amazing things. I've gained so much from my running experience. It's been the thing that's knitted my life together through the ups and downs. I'm so thankful to Fleet Feet Sports for helping restore the joy of running into my life."

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Hitting the Trails

With the warm weather, it's the ideal time to leverage the fitness you've built on the roads, and hit the trails. But running trails can be intimidating if you've never before. Here are some tips from Lisa Jhung, author of Trailhead: The Dirt on All Things Trail Running, to help you get going.

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Strength Training Without the Gym

"Strength training is included for overall health and longevity," says Jim White, a Virginia Beach-based nutrition expert and certified personal trainer. Here are three key strength-training moves White recommends that you can do any time, anywhere.

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Find the Right Running Partner

Finding the right training partner, is just as difficult as finding a mate for any other area of your life. You have to shop around. Here are some tips for finding and sustaining a running relationship that can endure.

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Beginner's Guide to Track

Even if you're not training for a race, making track practice a part of your weekly routine can be a great way to develop speed and incinerate more calories. But if you haven't hit the track in decades, it can be intimidating. Here's what you need to know before you go.

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