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Boston365 Highlights

Running can be tough, frustrating, but ultimately, rewarding. Hear from members of the Boston365 program and how becoming a member helped them achieve a goal - running the Boston Marathon.

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Quick Six: Boston Marathon

As we get closer to the 2015 Boston Marathon we wanted to look back at the history of this prestigious race and celebrate the mile-markers we've passed since its inception in 1897.

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Donating Life

Tina's "mid-life crisis" would end up becoming the answer to her younger brother Gene's very real life crisis. "I never thought I would donate an organ, nor thought I would ever be in that situation," said Tina. "But the need was there, and I knew I was healthy enough to be able to do it."

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Boston365: Fleet Feet Sports Tells All

With a race as long as 26.2 miles there are bound to be some moments that are Good, Bad and Funny. We asked our Fleet Feet Sports owners what advice they have for first-time Boston goers and here's what they said!

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Boston365 Highlight: Kyle Frederick

In his own words, Kyle Frederick, a member of Fleet Feet Sports' Boston365 training program, talks about his relationship with running, and how the team at Fleet Feet Sports Pittsburgh helped him train and get excited for his 2015 Boston365 experience.

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8 Tips to Run Faster and Get Leaner

Want to zoom across the finish line? Treat your body like a Maserati. Don't junk up the engine with processed foods that contain a lot of added sugars, colors, preservatives, and fillers. Runners are prone to rewarding themselves with food after particularly-tough workouts, and in the process, eating back the calories they just burned, and then some. Follow these steps to shed pounds while racking up the miles.

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Boston365 Highlight: Jeanne Corey

Jeanne Corey is a coach for the Boston365 program with Fleet Feet Sports West Hartford. She describes her experience at the Boston Marathon in 2013 and the moment she decided to join Boston365.

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Training: Core Work

It's important to engage the core any time you do any strength-training move. Try this standard core routine, recommended by Jason Fitzgerald, a 2:39 marathoner and USATF-certified coach and founder of Strength Running, a Denver-based coaching service.

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Fuel Up For Your Run

It's important to experiment with lots of different products, flavors, and varieties of foods to figure out what gives you a boost without upsetting your stomach. Here's what you need to know about fueling up for your next run.

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Happening Now: Nike Oregon Project Pegasus

The Nike Oregon Project Pegasus is available now, and for those of you who are a) fans of the classic, highly-responsive Air Zoom Pegasus and b) wondering what the Oregon Project is - fear not, we have info for you!

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