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Holiday Survival Guide

Much of your fitness will be determined by what you do and do not eat during the holidays. With the abundance of rich, sweet treats and food-pushing family members and friends, it’s easy to end up consuming way more calories than you usually do. Don’t try to restrict yourself too much, but keep treats out of the house so you won’t be tempted by them. Find healthy alternatives to your favorite holiday comfort foods and bring them to holiday gatherings.

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Common Weight Mistakes

Running is often held out as the ideal weight-loss solution but many runners find that the pounds just don’t magically melt off, even after they start running consistently and training for races. What’s worse is that many people see their waistlines expand as soon as they start logging miles on a regular basis. While each situation is different, there are a few culprits that commonly derail runners’ dieting goals and even cause them to gain weight. Here are a few common weight-loss mistakes that runners frequently make and how to correct them.

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Foam Roll The Right Way

For any serious runner, regularly-scheduled massages can be a critical part of maintenance and injury prevention. But if you don’t have the time or the money to get them, a foam roller can be an effective at-home alternative. “Anybody who is running on a regular basis should be foam rolling as a general precaution for longevity,” says Mike Ross, an exercise physiologist at the Gottlieb Center for Fitness.

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Golden Rules of Nutrition

If you want to get fitter and faster, you’ve got to time your nutrient intake right. Since carbs are the most powerful energy-giving nutrients, and they help restock glycogen stores after a tough workout, you want to think about sandwiching your workouts with carbs. Plan to have your most carb-rich meal of the day before your workout, so you put yourself in the best possible position to run your best.

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Common Tapering Mistakes

In the final week before the race, many runners try to make up for lost time and mileage to meet some pre-ordained number on a training plan, vanquish their own worries about loss of fitness, or make up for the miles they missed in training. This is a mistake. Research has proven that cutting back your mileage and speed by about 25 percent in the final two weeks before a marathon will make you rest faster.

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Run The Rain

Soggy weather workouts can be especially exhilarating if you embrace them. (Of course if there’s thunder and lightening; it’s best to stay in). And the bonus is that you get the satisfaction of knowing that you ventured out in conditions that a lot of people won’t drive in. Here’s how to endure - and even enjoy - the wet conditions.

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Marathon Training: Gear Check

2015 Fall Marathon season has started with the Portland and Chicago Marathons! As we get into the the thick of it, here are some gear recommendations from our inspirational first time marathon runners!

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Lessons From An Olympian

“When you’re an elite, there’s a kind of seamless flow between your life and your work, and what you’re doing day to day and how it relates to your goals,” says Culpepper, a Boulder-based father of four who also coaches runners through Culpepper Coaching.

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TPOR To Inspire: Training is No Picnic

For each of those training, the time and effort towards the goal is worth it. “I realized that training for a marathon is kind of like being pregnant,” said McKinney. “It takes time to get to the final goal, and you’re scared to death as the days inch closer. Everyone also says you’re crazy.”

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Banish Burnout

There is a fine line between a routine and a rut, and many of us runners end up crossing that line before we’re even aware that it has even happened. We become comfortable with certain distances, routes and workouts, and tend to repeat them over and over.

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