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How to Run On a Plant Based Diet

Whether you’re ditching meat for long-term health concerns, you’re watching your weight, and you’re concerned about animal welfare, here’s what you need to know about adopting a plant-based diet to fit your running life.

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Banana-Egg Pancakes

We all know the benefits protein has in maintaining muscle mass and aiding in muscle recovery post-workout. While a plate of scrambled eggs may be protein-rich, its safe taste can leave you craving something more. An alternative that’s equally quick and easy?

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Shoe Shopping

When you first start running, it’s tempting to grab whatever athletic shoes you have on hand. But it’s not a good idea. Worn-out or ill-fitting shoes are a common cause of overuse injuries. And wear and tear are not always apparent to the naked eye. If you want to run comfortably and stay injury free, it pays to invest in a good pair of running shoes that offer the support and the fit that your feet need.

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On The Move With Pokémon Go

A bonus benefit to the Pokémon craze? Reports of millions of self-defined sedentary gamers taking to the streets to walk distances ranging from a 5K to a full marathon (and more!). Exercise is good, right?Yes. However, as any runner can attest, an increase in physical activity or intensity can result in injuries. Read More >

Vitamins and Minerals Every Runner Needs

When we runners think about food, we mostly focus its flavor, how well it can fuel up our workouts, or how much it will fill out our waistlines. But food serves another critical role: it provides essential vitamins and minerals we need to help turn food into energy, keep bones strong, boost immunity, repair strained muscle tissue, and live a long and healthy life.

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Reducing Mileage Without Gaining Weight

When you’re not exercising, the body is not demanding as much energy, and over time, your appetite and hunger will likely decrease, just as your appetite increases when you’re more active, said Rebecca Scritchfield, Washington D.C.-based registered dietitian, and host of Body Kindness podcast. “The body goes for balance - homeostasis - where it tries to maintain weight based on energy demands.”

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5 Myths About Injuries

It has been reported that up to 80 percent of all runners get injured. And it’s no wonder. As healthy as exercise is for the body and soul, it seems that it’s all too easy to get hurt when you work out on a regular basis. Injury can come from running too many miles or adding too much speed before the body is ready. And who hasn’t stepped in a pothole, pushed oddly off of a curb, or taken a fall?

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4 Exercises to Strengthen your Legs

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Smart Snacking

Go into any grocery these days, and you’ll find a dizzying number of engineered sports bars, drinks, meals, and gels promising to help you run faster, go longer, and get leaner. With all those bold promises, it’s easy to end up with GI distress, or piling on the pounds on the way to the starting line, instead of shedding them—not to mention derailing the race that you put in so much training to prepare for. And as you’ve probably already discovered, you can have the legs and lungs of an Olympian, but if you’re not properly fueled, your performance is at risk.

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