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Fuel Up For Your Run

It's important to experiment with lots of different products, flavors, and varieties of foods to figure out what gives you a boost without upsetting your stomach. Here's what you need to know about fueling up for your next run.

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Happening Now: Nike Oregon Project Pegasus

The Nike Oregon Project Pegasus is available now, and for those of you who are a) fans of the classic, highly-responsive Air Zoom Pegasus and b) wondering what the Oregon Project is - fear not, we have info for you!

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Setting Good Goals

Half-marathons and marathons are very popular right now. But running long distances isn't for everyone. You have to start each race where you are! Here are five goal-setting secrets that will set you up for success.

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Why We Love Brooks PureProject

...And You Should Too!

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A BBQ to Run By

"They've stumbled onto something hard to find, but amazing to be a part of. They are a true testament to how running can be therapeutic, social, stress-relieving and life-changing."

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Daylight Savings: Everyone Loses an Hour

...But Fleet Feet Sports stores across the country made up for it! See the activity and check out your local store to see what's happening in your neighborhood.

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Refueling For Recovery

Refueling post workout can play a big role in helping you recover from your workouts, so you can bounce back strong for the next day's run. "When designed right, a recovery meal or snack prevents further muscle breakdown, helps to optimize muscle and liver glycogen stores, and ultimately promotes desired adaptations to training," says registered dietitian Pamela Nisevich Bede.

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How to Stop Negative Thinking

Negative thoughts, doubts, fears, and anxieties "keep us cloudy in our heads, and slow us down," says Barbara Walker, a Cincinnati-based sports psychologist. Walker, a certified consultant of the American Association for Applied Sport Psychology, offers these tips to nip negative thinking in the bud.

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It's Not You, It's Me

"Well, uh, I dated a lot of other sports over the years. Hockey. Tennis. Soccer. I totally had a thing for football, but—" it was still a sore subject—"it didn't work out."

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7 Reasons to Start Strength Training

The work you do off the road can make you faster, fitter, and help you reach your racing goals. "For most runners, strength training provides huge benefits that can't be gained by distance runs alone," says masters coach and runner Pete Magill.

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