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Sweet Potato French Toast

French toast - gluten + vitamins = tomorrow's breakfast

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5 Surprising Ways to Make Running Feel Easier

Even if you’re not a natural athlete, or running doesn’t come easily to you, if you stick with the sport for long enough, we can guarantee that running feel more enjoyable over time. And once it does, your workouts will start to feel less like work, and it won’t be so difficult to coax yourself out the door.

Here are five tips to make running feel easier, fast.

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Roasted Butternut Squash with Goat Cheese

By simply roasting the squash until tender, adding the goat cheese for creaminess and the lemon and parsley to brighten everything, you end up with a dish that can be easily served as a family-style side, or as a filling main course in place of your traditional roast chicken.

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Avoid Race Day Nutrition Mistakes

You can’t control how your training went, how many workouts you missed, or do any additional training. You can’t control the weather, or who else is running the race. But you can control your nutrition on race weekend. And that can have a huge impact on how well you perform.

Here are some common fueling mistakes on race weekend, and how to avoid them.

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Jackfruit "Carnitas" Tacos

Vegetarians and carnivores agree, Jackfruit is a wonder fruit in every sense of the word. Bake it in spices for a meatless alternative to a crowd favorite: carnitas!

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6 Ways to Keep Your Training on Track While You’re on Vacation

One of the great things about running is that it is so thoroughly portable—all you need are clothes and shoes, and you’re all set. But when you’re on vacation, the physical terrain, family responsibilities, and the schedule of activities can make it challenging to maintain your regular workout routine. Follow these tips to keep your training on track, even while you’re away.

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The Anti Carbo-Load Beet Salad

We'll admit, carbo loading is a great strategy the week before a race, when your body has time process the sugars and turn those carbs into long-lasting energy. The night before, however, dishes low in dairy and things like red meat are easier to digest and provide the nutrition you need without slowing you down.

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Run Safe! Don't Get Hurt on The Road

Running should feel relaxing. But it can be tough to decompress if you’re dodging traffic, and stressing about an encounter with a stranger or a stray animal. Here are some steps to help you feel and be safer when you’re on the road.

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Grill Your Entire Meal

We fired up the charcoal and experimented with a few grillable options for the next time you want to avoid splitting time between your grill and the stove just to get your entire meal put together.

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Learn to Love Summer Running

When temperatures soar, it can be tough to get fired up for a workout. When it’s hot, even the same pace feels tougher. But there’s good reason to keep your training on track through September.

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