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Marion Childress - The Power of Running To Inspire

A battle with cancer might lead some people to hang up their running shoes for good. For Roanoke, Va., resident and marathoner Marion Childress, a cancer battle just created the opposite effect.

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Beyond Calories In and Calories Out

A study published in the October 2015 issue of Health Education and Behavior showed that you’re most likely to eat whatever food you see—for better or for worse. In the study, subjects who made snacks like candy, cereal, soft drinks, and dried fruit readily accessible on the kitchen counter were anywhere from 20 to 31 pounds heavier than their neighbors. Those who kept fruit out on the counter tended to be a normal weight and have lower BMI’s. So if you want to lose weight, clear the junk foods from the kitchen counters, and replace it with bananas, apples, pears, and oranges.

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Quinn Ottoway - The Power Of Running To Inspire

“Sadly, I think we live in a culture and time in society where our lives are without meaning or real purpose—we are for the most part expendable,” Quinn said. “For me it became, how do I make my life truly matter in extraordinary and non-expendable ways?”

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We Make Running Easy

Conjure up a memory or mantra that that will help you remind you of how strong you are. Think of the last time you set a personal best. Reflect on friends and family members who are inspired by your running feats. Remember a task that felt intimidating that you ultimately faced and conquered. Have songs or books at the ready that energize you and make you feel inspired to run faster.

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Kim Engelhardt - The Power of Running to Inspire

Like a lot of people, Kim Engelhardt shed tears of joy when she finished her first half-marathon, and the heft of what she had accomplished had sunk in.

“I never thought I’d be able to do this,” says Engelhardt, a mother of three from Nashville.

After all, a decade before, she was struggling to walk.

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Set Up For Racing Success

Fixing your eyes on a new personal record, like breaking 25 minutes in a 5-K, or qualifying for the Boston Marathon are wonderful goals. But for most people, reaching goals like those happen over time and after meeting a series of other short-term targets that help them build the fitness you need to meet those goals.

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New Running Discoveries

Get fit for a proper pair of running shoes. Ill-fitting and worn-out footwear are leading causes of running injuries. A new pair of running shoes may seem like a big investment, but the money you spend on a new pair is undoubtedly less than the doctor bills you’ll have if you get hurt. Be sure to go to your local Fleet Feet Sports store to get fit for a new pair of shoes. At Fleet Feet Sports, you can get help from a trained, experienced shoe-fitting professional, who will help you find the right shoe, taking into account your current goals and needs, as well as any past injuries.

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Small Resolutions, Big Results

This is the time of year when we runners tend to start making big resolutions about running farther and going faster. We start committing to impressive numbers we would like to see on the scale and on the finish-line clock. Big audacious outcome goals are important because they fire you up to get out the door every day, and shape your daily workouts into training. What’s more, they motivate you to uncover more strength, speed, and resilience than you knew you had.

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Holiday Hangovers

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Winter Running Mistakes

During the winter, it’s seems that there are more ways for runners to go wrong than at other times of year. Between the inclement weather, later sunrises and earlier sunsets, not to mention the stresses of holiday shopping and influx of sweet treats, it’s all too easy to end up at New Year’s feeling way off track. Here are five common winter training mistakes and how to avoid them.

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