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Let's talk about bras...
have questions?

How should a sports bra fit?

First, check the band. It should feel snug, but not too tight. The band provides the most support. If it is too loose, not only will it not support, but it also may chafe (ouch!). The straps should not dig into your shoulders nor should they slide off. If they are adjustable, you can customize your fit. Look for any breast tissue coming out of the bra (on top or at your sides); this is referred to as spillage. If you experience this, try going up a cup size. You also want to avoid “puckering,” which is when the cups are too big and gapping occurs. If this is the case, try going down a cup size.

Do I need to get measured?

We recommend that every woman be measured annually or after any major body changes such as pregnancy, weight gain or weight loss. 

Do you have bras for larger breasted women?

Yes! We carry the ENELL Sport which goes up to a 52DD. We also have other options for DD, E and F customers. If you are not sure of your size, see our measuring guide, or stop in one of our stores for an expert fitting.

I don’t have much to support. Do I need to get fit?

Yes! If you are an A or B cup, that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a properly fitted and quality sports bra! Our bras not only support, but also wick moisture, help prevent chafing, and give you confidence to meet your goals. No matter your size, we have a sports bra you’ll love!

How do I choose the right bra for me?

Our fit specialists can help!  Stop by one of our locations and ask to be fit! If you don’t live near a Fleet Feet Sports, here are things to consider:
1.  Your size – refer to our size chart to help you determine this
2.  Your activity - is it high or low impact? If you are doing low impact activities, such as yoga or pilates or bar classes, a bra from our secure collection may be right for you. If you are going to the gym or walking at a quick pace, try a bra from our stabilize collection. If you are running or jumping, or participating in other high impact activities, the control collection will have the bra for you!
3.   Your preferred features - Racer-back or u-back? Adjustability band and straps?  Hook and eye closure? We have many options to meet your needs!

A sports bra with underwire? No way!

Sports bras with underwire when fit properly are surprisingly supportive and comfortable. The underwire provides encapsulation to help limit the movement of each breast. And if the bra fits properly, the underwire will lie just under the breast, holding it in place. The wire should also be padded so it will not irritate.

I’m doing my first triathlon. What sports bra do you recommend?

There are a variety of options depending on your size. We suggest a sports bra that does not have padding as you don’t want soggy boobs after your swim! Some popular tri bras include the Fiona, Rebound Racer, Jubralee and CW-X bras. 

Remember, not all bras are created equal and size may vary from one style to another. Our bodies are all different too. If you are not sure you have the right fit, stop by your local Fleet Feet Sports. We’ll be glad to help!