Franchise Requirements

Characteristics of Successful Franchisees

At Fleet Feet, Incorporated we are dedicated to opening successful, profitable businesses with long-term potential. In order to help ensure success, we have high standards for our franchise candidates. Our most sucessful franchisees possess the following characteristics:

  • A dedicated focus on the customer and a commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • An entrepreneurial spirit and an unwavering belief in your ability to be successful.
  • An interest in becoming the fitness and health leader within your community.
  • The ability to help others achieve their health and fitness goals.


  • Total investment to open a new store generally falls between $180,000 and $338,000.
  • Franchisees generally put in:
    • 1/3 in cash.
    • 1/3 in the form of a traditional loan.
    • 1/3 in the form of a line of credit or equity loan.
  • Not enough capital? Consider our Operating Partner Program

Additional Requirements

  • Our franchise owners work in their stores. We do not franchise with investment or absentee owners. Our owner-operators bring a distinct competitive advantage to our business model.
  • A willingness to embrace change and to always position your business on the cutting edge of service-oriented retail.
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