Why Franchise?

Fleet Feet Sports offers you the opportunity to combine your dream of operating a specialty retail business, within a proven business model, that is supported by an experienced team of small business experts.

The reality of owning a retail store is that it can be a highly complex, time consuming, and difficult job. At Fleet Feet, Incorporated we don't promise to make that job easier. However, we do promise that as a franchisee you will have access to Fleet Feet, Incorporated's experienced staff, a large pool of fellow franchisees who have been through all of the stages of the process, and access to our proprietary “best practices" that have been established throughout the Fleet Feet Sports network.

All new franchisees are taken through a six month development process which encompasses training in our Carrboro headquarters, as well as in-store training at existing franchises. Prior to opening, new franchisees in training will also attend a national conference of franchisees and vendors. Therefore, before your store's doors open for business, you will have established relationships with the national leadership teams of your most important vendors as well as existing franchisees from all across the country.

All new franchisees are assigned a Corporate Franchise Development Specialist who will work with you from the initial signing of your franchise development agreement, through your opening day, all the way to your second anniversary. This person will lead you through our timeline for opening a store and then stay with you to help you through those first two critical years in business.

After your second anniversary and throughout your relationship with Fleet Feet Sports you will have access to the Fleet Feet, Incorporated operations staff who will continue to provide assistance to you on topics ranging from managing your growth to managing your expenses.

We recognize that Fleet Feet Sports is not right for everyone. However, if you are a dynamic, hardworking individual who appreciates having a plan to follow and a team to support you, we might be the right match for you.

*** Viewing of this website does not constitute an offer of franchise. An offer of franchise is only made with the delivery of a Franchise Disclosure Document. Fleet Feet is not directing this website to any person residing in a state where Fleet Feet is not authorized to offer franchises; and

No franchise will be sold in any state by or on behalf of the franchisor until the offering has been registered and declared effective and the appropriate Franchise Disclosure Document has been delivered to the purchaser prior to the sale in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission Rule and applicable state franchise laws.

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